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Faith, Love, and Family

"Faith, Love and Family" takes a look into the life of William Bonds Moore's life as a child and throughout his adulthood, showing some of the struggles he faced while experiencing public recognition, love and heartbreak throughout his 79 years of life. William (Bill) had a way of catching your attention with his strong sense of self-confidence, style and humor. He always wore a fedora hat or cap and Stacy Adams shoes. Not to mention, he carried a cigar in his hand if he was not smoking it. Basically, whatever Bill had on, he wore it with style.


With his SWAG in order, Bill lived a long life, with continued faith in God.

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Someone I Love Has MS

"Someone I Love Has MS" is a touching and inspiring book that tells the story of a young girl's journey as she supports her mother, who battles with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The book not only sheds light on the struggles of individuals living with MS but also emphasizes the strength that can be found within family relationships.

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Papa Benny is a grandfather that loves to spend time with his grandchildren. The grandchildren enjoy riding around in "Big Red", playing outside, completing homework, while listening to their grandfather's wisdom and knowledge. He makes friends with everybody that he meets. Everyone loves and respects this special grandpa.

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